Top 10 Exercises to Increase Stamina

by admin on June 15, 2009

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We’ve all been there: Huffing and puffing on the elliptical machine after just spending 10 minutes enduring a low intensity workout. You’re probably wondering if you’ll ever get to a point where you’ll have enough stamina to get through even your easiest workout. Believe it or not, there are exercises that can help increase your stamina and discussed below are just a few that you can do everyday.

1. Interval Training

Interval training involves short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short cool down periods of low intensity training. For example, a minute of high-knees would be followed by 30 seconds of step touch. Or running 8 mph for three minutes would be followed by a minute of jogging 4 mph, for a short time period. Quick bursts of energy followed by short breaks to catch your breath are a great way to improve your stamina.

cycling2. Bicycling

If you have access to a stationary bicycle or even a “real” fitness bike, then put it to more use by increasing your mileage, not the intensity. To build stamina you want to ride for distance first, and then for intensity.

3. Cardio-Sculpting

Incorporating blasts of cardio with sculpting techniques is becoming all the rage. Picture doing squats and then changing those squats into wide leg jumping jacks. You’ll blast calories and build muscle all at the same time.

4. Swimming

Swimming is great because you have to learn to incorporate your breath into every stroke. It’s also places no pressure on the joints, so you can use it to increase your cardio endurance without worrying about having bad knees in the long run.

racquet5. Racquetball

This was probably unsuspected, but racquetball is fast paced and fun! If you’re diving and slamming a ball against a wall, it’s hard to notice the time flying by. And that’s great, because you won’t notice yourself working up a sweat that will eventually help increase your stamina.

6. Step Climbing

Whether you’re at work, in your apartment complex, or training in a football stadium, climbing steps is a sure way to beef up your stamina. Just a few steps will get your heart pumping and eventually you’ll be able to measure your progress by your ability to conquer a flight of steps without gasping for air.

7. Wall climbing
Having to support your body weight, using especially your upper body strength and maintaining balance with the lower body is an especially challenging way to increase your stamina. (But definitely a fun way as well.)

8. Team sports

Whether playing soccer or tossing around a frisbee. You’ll be sure to improve your stamina without noticing it through fun activities with friends.

9. Cross-Training
No, the people you see at the gym jumping from one exercise machine to another aren’t manic. They’re just cross-training. It’s an effective way to keep your body challenged, by not getting too accustomed to a particular exercise, but instead challenging your body to do multiple ones within a set time frame.

yoga10. Yoga

This may seem counterintuitive as a stamina improver, but yoga helps teach you to regulate your breathing. When it comes to exercise, knowing how to breathe in and out correctly, is key. In turn, breathing correctly directly corresponds to your performance, which is directly tied to your stamina.

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